Duragloss Application Instructions:


For cars with a contaminated finish
that is not perfectly smooth to the touch.


1.  #901 Car Wash:  (1oz per gallon of warm water)
Wet car first, then wash with Duragloss Formula #901, using the Duragloss Plush Microfiber wash mitt.  Rinse wash mitt with clean water often to free trapped dirt.  Wash roof first and work your way down the sides.  Rinse well, then dry with a Duragloss Plush Microfiber Drying Towel.  

2.  #652 Pre-Polish Cleaner:  (#652 will remove old wax or polish)
To remove oxidation, surface scuffs and contaminants, apply Duragloss #652 Pre-polish cleaner - *section at a time, wipe on wipe off.  Apply using a cotton terry or microfiber applicator.  Do not allow #652 to dry before removing.  Remove formula #652 with a Duragloss Plush Polishing Cloth.  After removing Formula 652, the surface should be smooth to the touch.  If not, Repeat.  (*Section = hood, door, roof, fender trunk)

3.  #601 Bonding Agent
Apply a thin coat of #601 evenly over the entire car. 
Do not buff or remove in any manner.  #601 Bonding Agent can be safely applied over vinyl striping. 

4.  #111 “Wet Look”® Polish Application
Over the entire car, apply a thin even coat of Duragloss Polish #111 directly on top of the #601 Bonding Agent.  When the polish comes in contact with the bonding agent a chemical reaction occurs which creates a strong bond to the clear coat.  This is why the Duragloss Shine outlasts the competition. 





Curing Time
Allow the #111 Polish and #601 bonding Agent enough time to cure. 
This is a very important step.

Minimum Curing time formula:

Humidity divided by temperature times 60  

Example: 60 (% humidity) divided by 80 (degrees F temperature)

= .75 x 60 (minutes) = 45 minutes minimum curing time

5.  Polishing
After proper curing time, remove the #111 Polish/Bonding Agent residue with a Duragloss Plush Microfiber polishing cloth.  If you want to add a 2nd coat of 111 Polish, it is not necessary nor is it desirable to put down another coat of #601 Bonding Agent.  Wait at least 4 hours after polishing before applying an additional coat of #111 Polish.  1-2 coats recommended

6.  Add Additional Gloss with #921 Fast Clean and Shine:
After applying 1 or 2 coats of Formula #111 Polish, use Duragloss #921 Fast Clean and Shine, applying and removing in small sections at a time.  Do not allow #921 time to dry before removing.  Wipe dry with the Duragloss Plush Microfiber polishing cloth.  Surface should be cool for best results.  Using #921 will provide a static free finish that won’t attract dust, and add the final touch that will further deepen the gloss. 

Maintaining the “Wet Look”® with #951 Aquawax:
Use Aquawax 951 once a month after washing and drying your car.  For best results apply Aquawax to a dried car.  Do not allow Aquawax to dry before polishing.  Wipe dry with a Duragloss Plush Microfiber polishing cloth.  Surface should be cool for best results.

Quick Detail Between Car Washes with #921 Fast Clean and Shine
To remove light dust between car washes, use Duragloss #921 as a quick detailer.  This anti-static formula reduces future dust attraction, leaves a highly polished shine and increases polish durability.  Spray #921 on a section at a time.  Don’t allow to dry.  Wipe dry with Duragloss Plush Microfiber polishing cloth. (#921 bonds to polymer polishes, like #111). 

TipUse steps 1-5 on your clear coated wheels to make them look their best, and to help make future cleaning of brake dust from wheels easier.
(To reduce brake dust by 80% and improve stopping power, purchase Porterfield Brake pads at MyRoadster.net or ForMyMercedes.com)




Results:  “Wet Look”® Shine with less work required.
Doing these steps will insure a durable and fantastic “Wet Look”® shine that is long lasting, easy to maintain, and provides protection for your paint from surface contamination and color fading from UV damage.  Keeping that “just waxed” look with Duragloss, will require far less time and effort than using traditional wax based products that do not bond to clear coat finishes.

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