Application Instructions Kit #4


1.  Wash car often using the Duragloss Microfiber wash mitt and Duragloss #901 Car Wash Shampoo.  Rinse mitt often with clean water to release trapped dirt.  Wash car from the top down.  Rinse finish well with clean water.

2.  Dry car with large Duragloss Microfiber towel.  After drying, wipe on #951 Aquawax section at a time using the Duragloss Microfiber Polishing Cloth – turn cloth to polish.  Just use #951 Aquawax once a month.  It’s easy, just wipe on and turn cloth to polish.

3.  In between car washes use Duragloss #921 Fast Clean and Shine as a quick detailer to remove light dust and fingerprints.  Simply wipe on section at a time with Microfiber polishing cloth, turn to dry.  Works great on exterior glass also.

You’ll be amazed how long you can maintain you new car shine using these 3 simple steps.
It’s fast and easy!