Application Instructions:

Duragloss Kit #7  Wheel Care

1.  Wash tires and rims with soap and water, rinse and dry.
Duragloss #901 Car Shampoo is recommended.

2.  Spray Duragloss #821 All Wheel Cleaner onto one wheel at a time.  Wait 2 minutes and rinse.  Repeat for each wheel.  Light brushing may be required for extremely soiled wheels.

3.  Once wheels are very clean and dry, apply a thin coat of #601 Bonding agent to all wheels.  Important:  Do not remove #601 at this time. 

4.  Apply a thin coat of #111 Synthetic polish to all wheels,  directly over the already applied #601 Bonding Agent.  Allow sufficient time to cure.  Use this formula:  Humidity divided by temperature, times 60

60(% humidity) divided by 80F = .75 x 60 (minutes)
= 45 minutes minimum curing time

5.  After adequate curing time, polish rims with soft microfiber or cotton cloth. 

6.  For additional protection add a 2nd coat of #111 polish.  It is not necessary or desirable to use the bonding agent before the 2nd coat.

7.  To keep rims looking good over time – wash with mild soap and water, rinse, and wipe dry. 


Results:  Wheels that look fantastic, and are easier to keep that way.