Shift Knob Install

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Shift Knob Installation with Leather Boot

1.  The leather boot is stapled to a rectangular plastic frame that slides into the console’s rectangular trim.  Remove the boot at the console by slightly pushing in on the leather on the driver’s side approximately 1 inch from the top and bottom. The leather boot will easily slip out of the console. (See You Tube video below.)

2.  Turn the leather boot inside out.  Loosen the first collar by turning counter-clockwise ¼  turn. (Looking at the shift knob from the top with your hand under the boot)  Underneath is a second plastic collar which secures four flanges against a groove around the shift rod.  These four flanges form the base of the shift knob.

3.  This second collar has to be pushed up against the shift knob, away from the flanges in order to loosen the flanges from the groove around the rod.  By now you should be able to pull the shift knob, second collar and the shift boot from the shift rod.

4.  You still have the shift boot between the base of the shift knob with the 4 flanges and the second collar.  There is a small plastic ring that holds the four flanges to the shaft.  Turn this ring 1/4 turn counter clockwise to release the fragile flanges from the shaft.  By pushing the 4 flanges into the center, towards shift knob, you disengage the collar from the base of the shift knob, and free the boot. To push the 4 flanges into the center, use an 11mm socket attached to an extension. Press the open end of the socket over the flanges to compress them, and simultaneously use a flat blade screwdriver to gently pry the collar from the base of the shift knob. 

5.  To install the shift knob. Unscrew the chrome dome shaped fitting from the base of the shift knob. Place five parts onto the shaft in this order:  First put the knurled ring on the shaft, then the nylon ring flat side down, then the leather boot, then the chrome domed fitting, then install the shift knob itself onto the shaft.

Make sure the shift knob is fully seated on the shaft and facing the right direction.  Next screw on the chrome dome shaped fitting to the base of the shift knob, which holds the shift knob firmly in place.  If the chrome mushroom shaped fitting does not easily screw on to the base of the knob, then the shift knob is not fully seated. With your hand tap down on the top of the shift knob to fully seat.  Next, push the leather boot against the underside of the chrome dome shaped fitting.  Bring up the nylon ring against the leather boot. Make sure that the boot is straight and not twisted.   Hold boot into position by screwing the knurled ring against the nylon ring.  Lastly, re-insert the base of the leather boot into the console’s rectangular trim.

Please take a look at the videos linked below.

Finished Product:

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