This A-B two part polymer polish system will provide a "Wet Look" to your car's finish. The shine is deep and will outlast other types of wax products. This combination of bonding agent and polymer polish doubles the durability, and provides a deep gloss. Unlike many wax products, Duragloss bonds to the paint rather than just sitting on top of the paint - waiting to be washed off. The high gloss can be maintained over time. Before applying, you must start out with very clean paint. If you run your finger tips across your paint and feel little specks - then you need to either use a claybar with lube, or Duragloss Pre-Polish cleaner #652.

2-Part polish can also be used on any non-porous surface such as clear coated or chrome wheels, any plastic roof panels or molding, headlights and tail lights.

Can be applied in direct sunlight

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Price: $12.95