253 Tire and Rubber Floor Mat Dressing

Duragloss #253 Tire and Mat dressing, with Rain Repel, contains a blend of durable synthetic polymers that give tires a "new look", not a plastic looking high gloss. Forms a polymeric coating on the surface of rubber, that will not wash off when it rains.

#253 Tire Dressing will not turn brown, and won't "spin off" black residue down the side of your car. #253 provides a rich look that is long lasting and protects against cracking. Makes rubber floor mats look like new and easier to clean. Works well on rubber engine hoses and rubber door gasket molding. Can also be used on vinyl.

Recommend applying to sponge, then wiping on to a clean tire or rubber mat. Dries to a clear and durable finish.

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Price: $9.50