Duragloss Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt

This Plush microfiber car wash mitt provides a better way to wash your car. It helps avoid creating swirl marks by lifting dirt away from your car's finish. This mitt is made from long microfiber, which is softer and thicker than other microfiber on the market. Use over and over again - Mitt can be *machine washed and the fabric will remain soft, and will not scratch. Leaves no lint. Mitt is also handy to use around the house, to remove dust or wash windows.

Reminder: During car wash, rinse mitt often with clean water to release trapped dirt.

Duragloss #901 Car Wash. This product provides a lubricating action which helps avoid creating swirl marks. "Shines as it Cleans"
#901 can be ordered on this site.
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Price: $6.95