Duragloss Plush Microfiber Drying Towel

World's Best car Drying Towel!
Dry your car, free of streaks, water spots and lint, in half the time, using only this large 17"x26" plush microfiber towel. Custom made for Duragloss, this fabric not only absorbs eight times its weight in water, but helps avoid swirl marks by lifting away residual dirt that may remain after washing your car. Other drying products may even cause swirl marks when residual dirt is pushed around over your carís finish. This high quality microfiber is not available at WalMart or similar stores, and is better than any chamois, absorber, water blade ShamWow,or cotton terry towel, all of which ONLY remove water. The Duragloss Plush Microfiber Drying towel is softer, thicker and larger than other microfiber on the market Ė. You will love the results you get using this drying towel, guaranteed!

*For best results, Machine wash, then Use dryer for 10 minutes to fluff fabric, remove and finish by air drying. Towel will remain soft after washing for years. (Great to dry your dog, cat or even your horse, if you have one)

Duragloss #901 Car Wash Shampoo
Does not contain acids or alkali and will not remove durable polishes. "Shines as it Cleans".
#901 Can be purchased on this site.

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