Duragloss Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth

Using this Plush 11x17 microfiber cloth, is the best way to polish your car to a more brilliant shine. This polishing cloth takes a lot of the work out of waxing and polishing. Softer and thicker than other microfiber on the market, it will not scratch and is lint-free. It effectively lifts and removes wax or polish residue. Machine wash over and over. Fabric will remain soft.

This plush cloth, used in combination with Duragloss #921 Quick Detailer "Fast Clean and Shine", is a great way to remove light dust in between car washes.
#921 can be purchaed on this site.

Also use this plush cloth with Duragloss #951 Gloss Enhancer "Aquawax". Use #951 monthly after car wash and dry to maintain that "just waxed" look.
#951 can be purchased on this site.

Duragloss #111/601 2 part Polymer polish...
the "Wet Look"
Available on this site.

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