921 Clay Bar Kit

After you wash and dry your car - Run your fingertips across your paint. If you can feel any specks or graininess, or hear a rough sound – then you need to use a Clay Bar to remove surface contaminants and smooth out your paint. Clay bar is always used with a lubricant and prepares your paint for polishing without removing clear coat. After wash, rinse and dry, spray area at a time with Duragloss #921 Quick Detailer and wipe dry. Also use #921 as a lubricant with the clay – spray on clay and on area to be cleaned. Use light pressure on the clay. When clay glides smoothly across the finish, remove residue using #921 Quick Detailer and plush microfiber #9003 polishing cloth. If you drop the clay bar – throw it away. Google “Clay Bar Videos” for how to demos.

If you don’t want to use Clay, then use Duragloss #652 Pre-Polish Cleaner. Smooth = High Gloss.

After cleaning with clay, protect your finish with Duragloss 2-Part Polymer polish system - The Wet Look Shine!

Use #921 Fast Clean and Shine as a lubricant for the clay and as a Quick Detailer, to remove light dust between car washes.

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