931 Rinseless Car Wash

Now you can wash your car without dragging out the hose, and wasting water. Duragloss formula captures dirt with a lubricating "Aquawax" polymer which cleans and shines without scratching your finish.

Great for drivers who live in an apartment, condo, or where there are imposed water use restrictions.

Makes washing your car faster and less of a chore, even in cold weather. You may even want to wash your car inside your garage.

Rinseless Wash Shines as it cleans, bonds to polishes, increases gloss. Great for Autos, Motorcycles and boats...

Directions: Add .5 oz. (2 caps) of Duragloss 931 Rinseless Car Wash to 1 gallon of water. 1 oz (4 caps) on heavily soiled surfaces. Wipe on to car, then wipe off with a towel. (ideally, use (2) Duragloss #9003 plush microfiber polishing cloths, one to apply, one to remove soil) That's all there is to it. No rinsing required.

Tip: Make your own Quick Detailer.
Add 1oz (4 caps) Rinseless Wash to 16 oz of water in Spray bottle. Use between car washes to remove light dust.

(Note: if you have hard water and get water spots, wash in the shade, and remove product quickly, or use distilled water)

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