Caliper Paint Kit

Greatly enhance the appearance of your ride by applying this durable, high-gloss, protective coating to your calipers. Do it yourself. No need to remove your calipers. Best procedure is to buy a set of jack stands at any auto chain store. These cost around $15.00. After you remove your wheels, clean all four calipers, sanding smooth if necessary, and using the spray cleaner before mixing the paint with the reactive hardener.

After mixing, working time is 4-6 hours.

There is enough paint to cover four calipers with two or three coats. Add one coat to each caliper as a primer, then add a second coat. Paint is thick, and formulated to be brushed on to fill imperfections in the metal. Everything required is provided in the kit. Each Hi-Tech Paint System includes: special Caliper Cleaner, Paint, Reactive Hardner, Mixing can, stirrer and Application Brush.

Colors available:
Red, Black, White, Silver, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Gold, Purple and Pink. Enter your color choice of caliper paint in the comments section of the order form.

Finish is very durable with heat tollerance to 900F. Finish resists chipping and colors stay vibrant for years.

Paint the rusty edges of your rotors and hubs "hat area", with silver or black caliper paint. This will provide a clean look and complement your wheels. Engine epoxy paint kit is also available and is exactly the same formula as the caliper paint, just more of it. Colors of paint kits can be matched by color code to match the color of your car at extra cost. Email for details:

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Price: $49.00