1010 NanoGlass

NanoGlass is a Ceramic Polymer Sealant that provides a beautiful "wet-look" shine.

When maintained, washing when needed, and using the NanoGlass Quick Detailer in between car washes - you can expect the shine to last 2 years or more.

First wash your car. If you have swirl marks and fine scratches, remove with Duragloss 671 Swirl Mark Remover, using a orbital buffer or Porter-Cable and polishing pad at medium speed. Or take your car to a pro detailing shop and ask them to remove swirls and scratches. After your paint is as clean and corrected as you can make it, you are ready to apply NanoGlass.

NanoGlass is very easy to use - simply wipe on a thin even coat in a multi-directional manner, until the residue has evaporated.
(Cool to the touch surface, not in direct sunlight)

NanoGlass has the consistency of water and there is no residue haze to buff off. Use it on any non-porous surface including painted or chrome wheels.

NanoGlass protects paint from acid rain, UV rays, Salt and pollutants. The tremendous molecular bonding of NanoGlass provides maximum durability.

NanoGlass makes it easy to maintain a high gloss.

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