Nanoglass 1010

NanoGlass is a ceramic polymer sealant that provides a very deep "Wet Look" gloss, excellent UV blocking protection, and a mirror finish. Nanoglass is a liquid, and it's like clear finger nail polish for your car. It has the consistency of water, and residue evaporates, without buffing.

Nanoglass seals and protects your car from the damaging effects of acid rain, UV rays, salt and environmental pollutants. Nanoglass strong molecular bonding provides maximum durability. Nanoglass will not wash off with strong acids or alkaline products andwill last one year or more with minimal maintenance.

Use NanoGlass on paint, wheels, head and tail lights, chrome, plastic pano roofs - any non-porous surface. For best results clean your paint of contaminants and previously applied wax or polish. Use Claybar if needed. Nanoglass is essentially a wipe on, walk away product. Residue evaporates. No buffing is required.
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