Quick Detailer Kit

Let's say it's Tuesday morning. You just washed your dark colored car 2 days ago, and now you see a light coat of dust covering your car - it's annoying...what to do?

Use ForMyRide Quick Detailer "QD" as a cleaner and gloss enhancer to bring back that "just waxed look". It's easy and fast to use, just spray on and wipe off. For best results, QD should be used with a Duragloss #9003 plush microfiber polishing cloth to remove light dust without causing swirl marks. QD makes it easy to maintain a durable high gloss "wet-look" shine on paint and chrome. QD has an anti-static formula, so it won't attract dust. Carry QD and cloth in your car to remove unexpected bird droppings. QD is excellent for use at car shows. QD can be used as a claybar lubricant. QD can be used on non-porous wood found in many auto interiors.

QD will enhance the shine and protection of any brand wax or polish.

ForMyRide "QD" is an exclusive formula and not found anywhere else.
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Price: $19.95