Duragloss Kit #6 Interior Car Care

#451 Fabric and Carpet Cleaner: Is a blend of surfactants, which gently foam away soil, oil and grease from fabric and carpet. Spot cleaning can be done without leaving rings on fabric. 19 oz.

#441 Leather / Vinyl Shampoo: Is a blend of selected surfactants, mink oil, and lanolin that gently clean leather or vinyl. Removes soil without removing natural oils. Will not cause leather to crack or dry out. 8oz

#221 Leather / Vinyl Conditioner: Contains a blend of mink oil & lanolin that penetrates & softens leather and vinyl. Provides a new leather aroma & a natural, non-greasy feel to both new and older leather and vinyl.8oz

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Detail Brush: This Detail Brush has bristles on both ends. One end is made of stiff nylon bristles, while the other end has softer horse hair bristles. Use it to clean your dash and vents, and around the house, for your computer keyboard for example.

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