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"Over the years I"ve used many brands of wax and polish including Zymol, Carnuba based waxes and Zaino.By far and away, Duragloss has given me the best results of anthing I"ve ever tried. The products were easy to apply, and the shine and depth of gloss outlasts all other products. I'm particularly excited about #951 Aquawax because I can now maintain a freshly polished look. With Aquawax there is no static buildup on the paint to attact dust. I use it on my wheels to help repell brake dust. I've been using Duragloss for over a year now, and I spend much less time and effort to acheive and maintain the shine I"ve been looking for."

Questions? Email Barry McCoy: bmccoy3@ca.rr.com



• Create a “wet look” shine, that will provide paint protection for up to one year.
• Utilize products that are easy and uncomplicated to use.
• Easily maintain a very high gloss “just waxed look”, with minimal work required.
• Use products that provide the best results possible at a reasonable price.

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