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1010 NanoGlass

NanoGlass is a Ceramic Polymer Sealant that provides a beautiful "wet-look" shine.

When maintained, washing when needed, and using the NanoGlass Quick Detailer in between car washes - you can expect the shine to last 2 years or more.

First wash your car. If you have swirl marks and fine scratches, remove with Duragloss 671 Swirl Mark Remover, using a orbital buffer or Porter-Cable and polishing pad at medium speed. Or take your car to a pro detailing shop and ask them to remove swirls and scratches. After your paint is as clean and corrected as you can make it, you are ready to apply NanoGlass.

NanoGlass is very easy to use - simply wipe on a thin even coat in a multi-directional manner, until the residue has evaporated.
(Cool to the touch surface, not in direct sunlight)

NanoGlass has the consistency of water and there is no residue haze to buff off. Use it on any non-porous surface including painted or chrome wheels.

NanoGlass protects paint from acid rain, UV rays, Salt and pollutants. The tremendous molecular bonding of NanoGlass provides maximum durability.

NanoGlass makes it easy to maintain a high gloss. Use NanoGlass on paint, glass, plastic, clear film wrap, wheels and metal - any non-porous surface.

On Windshields - makes wipers work better, and wiper blades last longer. Makes snow and ice removal from car's glass easier.

(2) 4oz bottles: $75.00

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1160 Duragloss NanoGlass Kit

Use NanoGlass on paint, glass, plastic, wheels, clear film wrap, and metal - any non-porous surface. NanoGlass used on Windshields - makes wipers work better to remove water and wiper blades will last longer too. Makes snow and ice easier to remove from car's glass.

This kit includes "Sqeaky Clean" surface prep, a product to remove previously applied wax and Nanoglass, which is a ceramic polymer sealant. Once your paint is very clean and smooth, applying Nanoglass provides a very deep "Wet Look" gloss, excellent UV blocking protection, and a mirror finish that will last two years or more with minimal maintenance. Nanoglass is like clear finger nail polish for your car. Consistency is similar to water. Residue evaporates.

Use NanoGlass on paint, wheels, head and tail lights, chrome, plastic pano roofs and windshields - any non-porous surface.

For best results clean your paint of contaminants and previously applied wax or polish before applying Nanoglass sealant.

Surface Preparation and Application directions:

1. Claybar
After washing and drying, run your fingers across your car's paint. If you feel (and hear) grainy specs of contamination, remove using clay bar and Nanoglass Quick Detailer as lubricant. You Tube to see videos on how to use claybar such as this one:

2. Swirl Removal
NanoGlass will fill light swirl marks. However If you have moderate to severe swirl marks, scratches and water spots, Use Duragloss 671 Swirlmark remover with a orbital or Porter-Cable buffer, or take your car to a professional detailing shop to correct your paint or watch these DIY Swirl Mark removal Videos on YouTube:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUHRnHsSXZU
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxwlWijdIxM
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9objUFdpsG4

3. Use Squeaky Clean to remove road film and previouly applied wax. Squeaky Clean is a Wipe on wipe off product

(Note when using Claybar or Squeaky clean on Clear Bra body armour avoid contact with the very edge of the plastic, since residue can be difficult to remove from the edges. You can use blue painters tape over such edges to avoid contact. Do not use Squeaky clean on flat black plastic trim. Remove road oil with Charcoal Lighter fluid, but do not use Lighter Fluid on clear body armour)

4. Apply NanoGlass Sealant
After you have prepared your paint and have a very silky smooth surface, spray a small amount of NanoGlass onto the entire face of the applicator pad. DO NOT APPLY Nanoglass in direct sunlight. Apply on a cool surface, 50-80 degrees. Apply a thin even coat of NanoGlass onto 2x2 foot sections at a time, with circular and back and forth motions until residue evaporates. After product is dry, you can buff, if necessary, with #9003 polishing cloth and #921 Fast Clean and Shine. A second coat of NanoGlass can be applied if desired.

5. If you should see streaks remove by wiping Nanoglass Quick Detailer with #9003 microfiber cloth and a second plush microfiber cloth to buff.

6. Maintenance
No matter what you use to add gloss to your paint, contaminants will continue to fall out of the air onto your car. So to maintain that high gloss, wash car as needed with Duragloss #901 PH Neutral Car Shampoo. Use Nanoglass Quick Detailer and plush microfiber to remove light dust between car washes, and to remove bird droppings, and finger prints etc.
(Tips: to remove excess rinse water, remove nozzle from your hose and rinse car starting at the top, with natural low flow of water, ie no extra pressure. Gravity pulls the excess water off the car. or take your car for a quick spin, then finish with #9002 Plush Drying Towel. I also suggest carrying Nanoglass Quick Detailer and a plush polishing cloth in your car to clean away those unexpected bird droppings etc. Never use an automatic car wash that uses brushes as the bristles can cause swirl marks. Use a touchless car wash or hand wash)

Kit Includes:
(1) 4oz bottle Squeaky Clean Surface Prep.
(2) 4 oz Spray bottles NanoGlass
(2) Sponge Applicator pads
(1) Microfiber Cloth

1160 NanoGlass Kit : $80.00

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20113 Nanoglass Quick Detailer

Nanoglass Detailer is formulated to be used on surfaces previously coated with Nanoglass ceramic sealant. Not only does this product clean, but also enhances gloss. Use in between car washes to remove light dust & bird droppings. Nanoglass Detailer will maintain and add high gloss.
(Other quick detailing brands may remove Nanoglass.)

Suggest using 2 plush polishing cloths, one to wipe on Nanoglass Detailer and the other to polish.
#9003 Plush Polishing Cloth

22 oz spray bottle Nanoglass Detailer: $9.95

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931 Rinseless Car Wash

Now you can wash your car without dragging out the hose, and wasting water. Duragloss formula captures dirt with a lubricating "Aquawax" polymer which cleans and shines without scratching your finish.

Great for drivers who live in an apartment, condo, or where there are imposed water use restrictions.

Makes washing your car faster and less of a chore, even in cold weather. You may even want to wash your car inside your garage.

Rinseless Wash Shines as it cleans, bonds to polishes, increases gloss. Great for Autos, Motorcycles and boats...

Directions: Add .5 oz. (2 caps) of Duragloss 931 Rinseless Car Wash to 1 gallon of water. 1 oz (4 caps) on heavily soiled surfaces. Wipe on to car, then wipe off with a towel. (ideally, use (2) Duragloss #9003 plush microfiber polishing cloths, one to apply, one to remove soil) That's all there is to it. No rinsing required.

Tip: Make your own Quick Detailer.
Add 1oz (4 caps) Rinseless Wash to 16 oz of water in Spray bottle. Use between car washes to remove light dust.

(Note: if you have hard water and get water spots, wash in the shade, and remove product quickly, or use distilled water)

16oz. bottle: $12.00

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253 Tire and Rubber Floor Mat Dressing

Duragloss #253 Tire and Mat dressing, with Rain Repel, contains a blend of durable synthetic polymers that give tires a "new look", not a plastic looking high gloss. Forms a polymeric coating on the surface of rubber, that will not wash off when it rains.

#253 Tire Dressing will not turn brown, and won't "spin off" black residue down the side of your car. #253 provides a rich look that is long lasting and protects against cracking. Makes rubber floor mats look like new and easier to clean. Works well on rubber engine hoses and rubber door gasket molding. Can also be used on vinyl.

Recommend applying to sponge, then wiping on to a clean tire or rubber mat. Dries to a clear and durable finish.

#253 Tire and Mat Dressing, 19oz Spray Bottle: $9.50

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261 High Gloss Tire Dressing

If you like a VERY HIGH GLOSS tire dressing, that won't "spin-off", Duragloss product #261 is for you. This convenient 16oz. aerosol spray gives a "wet look" appearance with one easy application.

Wash tires and allow to completely dry before applying.

16oz. Aerosol: $10.50

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281 "Wet Look" Tire Shine

Is a solvent based formulation designed to restore the lustre and beauty to tires. Gives an Ultra High Gloss to Tires. Leaves a "Wet Look", water repellant finish with one application. Recommended for all types of tires.

22oz. Spray Bottle: $11.00

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271 Rubber Bumper, Mud Flaps and Flat Black Dressing

#271 Contains a blend of polymeric synthetic polymers in a solvent base. Cleans and shines rubber bumpers, ABS or rubber mud flaps and rubber moldings. Also recommended for flat black surfaces.

8oz bottle: $7.95

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401 All Purpose Cleaner

Duragloss #401 concentrated cleaner will gently emulsify and remove dirt, oil, and grease. It has a fresh citrus scent, and is safe to use. Use diluted to safely clean vinyl upholstery convertible tops, rubber mats and tires, or use full strength to clean heavily soiled surfaces, white walls or to degrease an engine.

#401 All Purpose Cleaner, 22oz Spray Bottle: $6.95

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755 Nu-Glass

Is a blend of cleaners and selected abrasives formulated to remove water spots from glass surfaces. Removes water spots without scratching the glass surface. Can be applied by hand or mechanical buffer.

#755 8 oz bottle: $7.95

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881 Metal Polish

This is one of the best metal polishes on the market. 881 metal polish is formulated to clean and polish all types of metal surfaces.

It removes oxidation, tarnish, rust and soil. Leaves a protective coating for a long lasting shine.

Use it to clean and polish Aluminum, Chrome, Brass Copper Stainless Steel, Silver and Gold.

12 oz jar: $8.25

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#901 Yes, it really does matter which soap you use to wash your car. 901 is a highly concentrated blend of mild surfactants and cleaners that actually enhance the shine of your car with every wash. Dish soap will strip away your wax and all that hard work you did. 901 does not contain acids or alkali and will not remove durable polishes. "Shines as it Cleans". Works well with Duragloss Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt #9001 and Drying towel #9002 also available on this website.

#901 Car Wash, 16oz: $5.95

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921 Clay Bar Kit

After you wash and dry your car - Run your fingertips across your paint. If you can feel any specks or graininess, or hear a rough sound – then you need to use a Clay Bar to remove surface contaminants and smooth out your paint. Clay bar is always used with a lubricant and prepares your paint for polishing without removing clear coat. After wash, rinse and dry, spray area at a time with Duragloss #921 Quick Detailer and wipe dry. Also use #921 as a lubricant with the clay – spray on clay and on area to be cleaned. Use light pressure on the clay. When clay glides smoothly across the finish, remove residue using #921 Quick Detailer and plush microfiber #9003 polishing cloth. If you drop the clay bar – throw it away. Google “Clay Bar Videos” for how to demos.

If you don’t want to use Clay, then use Duragloss #652 Pre-Polish Cleaner. Smooth = High Gloss.

After cleaning with clay, protect your finish with Duragloss 2-Part Polymer polish system - The Wet Look Shine!

Use #921 Fast Clean and Shine as a lubricant for the clay and as a Quick Detailer, to remove light dust between car washes.

Clay Bar kit includes: 4oz of Clay, and #921 Fast Clean and Shine for Lubricant

Clay Bar Kit, Price: $16.00

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Use #921 between car washes to remove light dust and finger prints. Actually bonds to polymer polishes like Zaino or Duragloss 111. Especially effective if you use #921 with #9003 Duragloss Plush Polishing Cloth. Excellent to use at car shows. Use 921 to clean hard plastic. Formula reduces static electricity therefore less dust is attracted to your car's finish. Easy to use, wipe on, wipe off. Clear coat safe. Can be applied in direct sunlight. Can be used as a lubricant with claybar. #921 works very well to clean non-porous wood found in many car interiors.

22 oz Spray Bottle

Price: $7.95

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Fabric Convertible Top Restorer

Restores water and stain repellency.
Contains ultra-violet inhibitor that reduces fading and deterioration.
Resists bird droppings, tree sap & environmental stains.

Recommended for all types of fabric tops.

Before applying #341 clean convertible top with mild soap such as Duragloss #901 Car wash. For best results use on a hot sunny day and allow #341 to completely dry.

Also recommended to repel dirt and stains on carpeted floor mats and embroidery, cloth upholstery,and awning fabric.

8oz Bottle: $12.95

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Use #951 Gloss Enhancer once a month to bring back that "just waxed" look. For best results, spray on full strength on a clean and dry car, then buff using Duragloss #9003 plush microfiber polishing cloth, available on this website. Easy to use - wipe on, and wipe off. Clear coat safe. Surface should be cool for best results.

#951 Aquawax, 22oz Spray Bottle: $8.95

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#203 is for interior use, and is a blend of synthetic polymers which adds luster and softens vinyl, leather and Rubber. It provides UV protection to keep colors from fading. Penetrates quickly and will not leave a greasy residue to attract dust. A special fragrance will give your car's interior a clean, fresh scent.

#203 Vinyl, Leather and Rubber conditioner 19 oz : $9.95

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#221 Leather Conditioner contains a blend of mink oil and lanolin that penetrates and softens leather. Gives a natural, non-greasy treatment to both new and older leather. A special fragrance enhances the aroma of leather.

#221 Leather Conditioner, 8oz spray bottle: $8.75

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#441 is a blend of selected surfactants, mink oil, and lanolin to gently clean leather and vinyl surfaces. Removes soil without removing the natural oils in the leather. Will not cause leather to crack or dry out.

#441 Leather Shampoo, 8oz spray bottle: $6.95

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#451 is a blend of surfactants, which gently foam away soil, oil and grease from fabric, carpet and vinyl surfaces. Spot cleaning can be done without leaving rings on fabric and velour. This product is excellent. Apply foam and loosen dirt with a soft bristle brush, then wipe away with terry cotton towel.

#451 Fabric & Carpet Cleaner, 19oz: $7.95

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#652 is a blend of selected abrasives, which remove oxidation, scratches and water spots. Recommended for metallic paint, older cars and oxidation removal. Clear coat safe. When you run your fingers across your paint - do you feel any small specs of contamination? If you do, and if you want the best shine possible, then those contaminants must be removed prior to applying wax or polish.

#652 Pre-Polish Cleaner, 8oz bottle: $7.50

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Swirl Mark Remover #671 should be used with an orbital or Porter-Cable buffer, at medium speed using a polishing pad. Suggest using NanoGlass #1010 Ceramic Sealant after using Swirl Mark Remover.

Most swirl marks are caused when residual dirt is wiped over a car's surface during washing and drying, from machine buffing, or from automatic car wash machines where swirling brushes make contact with the paint. Duragloss 671 Swirl Mark Remover is a blend of waxes, polymers and polishing agents, which easily removes light swirl marks from clear coated paint surfaces.

One way to help avoid swirl marks is to use Duragloss plush microfiber 9001 wash mitt and 9002 drying towel also sold on this site.

#671 Swirl Mark Remover, 8oz bottle: $8.50

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#681 If you have discolored headlight lenses, then this product is for you. 681 is formulated to polish and protect all types of clear and colored plastic: Plexiglas, Fiberglass, ABS, Lexan, Lucite, Acrylite, and all other acrylics, (including painted surfaces). Improves clarity by removing fine scratches while sealing the pores of the plastic. Dries quickly with no smudges, scratches, sticky or oily residue.

#681 Plastic Cleaner: 8oz: $7.95

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BRC-46 Glass Cleaner

BR-46 may be the best glass cleaner you have ever used. It is formulated to clean all auto glass - tinted windows, non-tinted windows, mirrors, and windshields. Removes road film,and smoke residue, without streaking. Non-ammonia formula. For cleaning auto interior, exterior glass and household windows as well. Apply with one cotton or microfiber cloth and remove with a second cloth for amazing results.

Ideal treatment for glass 1. Clean with BR-46 2. Coat glass with NanoGlass 3. Maintain with DuraGloss BR-46 glass cleaner and 20113 Detailer.

BR-46 19oz Aerosol: $6.50

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#821 is formulated to clean all wheels. Removes brake dust, road film, oil and grease. Safe to use on all types of wheels including aluminum, clear coated, painted and highly polished. If your wheels are clear coated, polish them with Duragloss 601/111 - this too will help make your wheels easier to keep clean. (The best way to avoid brake dust however is to switch to Porterfield brake pads, sold on this site.)

$821 All Wheel Cleaner, 22oz: $8.50

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