I do a lot of car detailing, try out many detailing products and show my C6 Lemans Metallic Blue Corvette in concour type events (and have won Best in Show and First Place many times). Detailing is a must and with the dark finish on my car any mars, residual dust, and smudges will show up. Not with the Duragloss microfiber products...not only brings the finish out, but due to the 'fullness' of the towel/clothes get into crevices and seams to capture any small amounts of dust etc. I wash separately using a mild (Woolite) cleaner and clothes maintain their resilience and cleaning/buffing ability. Work particularly well in detailing the custom Black Chrome alloys on my Vette. Great product!! - Michael, Reston, VA


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Duragloss Kit #2 for Exterior and Interior Car Care

For Cars that have a good shine, are new, or well maintained. Surface has no scratches or swirl marks and is very smooth to the touch. Paint has been clay bared and paint corrected if necessary. Kit 2 includes maintenance products for tires and interior surfaces

Kit includes:
901 Car Shampoo
9001 Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt
9002 Large Plush Microfiber Drying Towel
1060 Squeaking Clean Surface Prep
1010 NanoGlass Ceramic Coating
1080 Quick Detailer to maintain shine
9003 Plush microfiber polishing cloth
253 Natural Look Low Gloss or 281 High Gloss Tire Dressing
441 Leather/Vinyl Cleaner
221 Leather Conditioner
203 Vinyl and Rubber Conditioner

Specify in the comments section of the order form
your choice of 253 Low gloss or 281 High gloss tire dressing.

Kit #2 Price: $125.00

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