Porterfield Brake Pads

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Can't find your car? Don't worry! Porterfield R4-S low dust, high performance brake pads are available for NEARLY EVERY VEHICLE MADE through MyRoadster.Net! Simply call us toll-free at 1-888-563-7227 for vehicles not listed here.

Bleeding Brakes doesn't have to be hard

Porterfield R4-S Carbon/Kevlar Street Brake pads offer these advantages:

  • 90% Less Dust than OEM
  • Light Pedal Effort
  • Rotor Friendly
  • High Friction, Hot or Cold
  • Low Wear Rate
  • Fastest Stopping Road Pad Available!
  • Friction Coefficient:
    OEM: Between .2 and .3
    Porterfield: .4
  • Temperature Tolearance:
    OEM: 500-700 degrees F
    Porterfield: 1,100 degrees F
Porterfield manufactures four different kinds of brake pads:
  • R-4 for track use only
  • R-4S for street and light competition
  • R-E for endurance racing events
  • R4-1 Autocross pads

The Porterfield Search Engine only lists R-4S street pads.  Please call for prices and availabilty for R-4, R-E and brake shoes for drum brakes. Brake pads and shoes available for most classic cars too. Call toll-free (888) 563-7227 for availability and pricing.

For serious track racing call about Raybestos ST43 brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, and upgrading brake fluid to ATE Super Blue, Motul RBF, Castrol SRF, or Brembo LCF 600.


Note: Some factory specifications may not be included with your Porterfield aftermarket pads, such as provisions for connecting sensor wires and other non-essential clips and holes. These possible omissions will not affect the performance of the brake pads. Inspect brake pads at least every 10,000 miles. Once the brake pad thickness (not including the metal backing plate) is less than 3/16" it is time for new brake pads.