Rollbar Installation Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your new set of rollbars! These instructions are provided as a guide to help you install your new bars. With proper installation, your new bars will provide a lifetime of driving enjoyment in your SLK. Any questions, please email

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Step 1

Loosen the two "mushroom caps" below each rollbar using a retainer-ring plier. Unscrew them completely by hand.

Step 2

These are the "mushroom caps".

Step 3

Locate the three screws below the top of each seat belt. Unscrew these tiny screws using a torx screwdriver.

Step 4

After you unscrew all three, carefully pull the metal plate out as shown. Notice where the holes match up.

Step 5

Look inside the seat belt assembly and locate the screw as shown. There is only screw of this size/color in the assembly, you can't miss it. It is located deep in there, so you might need a flashlight to see it the first time.

Step 6

SLOWLY unscrew it with a phillips screwdriver. I used one with a magnetic tip to make sure the screw does not fall into the assembly (you will never get it back out if you drop it). Please be careful on this step!

Step 7

Locate the bolt inside each side of the top mechanism. You have to flip up the vinyl piece as shown to see it. The bolt is grey in color, and it is the only one in the area.

Step 8

Unscrew the bolt with a pair of pliers or a socket wrench that is small enough to reach inside. As the previous step, please be careful not to drop the bolt inside! Try loosening the bolt to unscrew by hand to avoid dropping it.

Step 9

This is the bolt you are dealing with.

Step 10

Grab a hold of the plastic cover piece and pull outwards towards the side of the car to loosen as shown.

Step 11

Remove the plastic cover by pulling it up and out, towards the front of the car.

Step 12

Lift up the remaining cover piece carefully. Some force is required, since this piece is held in by two clips.

Step 13

Remove the cover completely by lifting straight up once you clear the two clips.

Step 14

Remove the center bag by pushing the edges towards the center of the car. The clips which are securing it have their prongs outward.

Step 15

Pull the remaining ends out and remove the bag completely.

Step 16

This is a close-up picture of the clips you are dealing with, so you can get a better idea of how much force to apply.

Step 17

Pull back the carpet from the top as shown.

Step 18

Fold down the carpet to expose the bolts securing the rollbars.

Step 19

Pull back and fold down the padded strip to allow the carpet to fold down as shown. (BTW that is my girlfriend's hand - I don't have nails like that!!!!)

Step 20

Do the same with the other side to expose all the bolts.

Step 21

Using a socket wrench, (you will NOT be able to loosen these with pliers) unscrew the bolts which are holding the rollbars in place. There are four (4) per rollbar.

Step 22

These are the bolts.

Step 23

Grab a hold of the rollbar and gently pull it straight up.

Step 24

Here is the rollbar removed.

Step 25

Get the baseplate ready for the O-Ring seal install.

Step 26

Find the cut in each O-Ring as shown.

Step 27

Insert the O-ring into each circle in the baseplate. Use the cut in each ring to "clamp" around the edges of the circle cutouts as shown. This step requires some patience and practice. It will fall out once or twice the first time you try it, but don't worry - it happens to everybody.

Step 28

If you have the "U" shaped bars, the baseplate cannot be removed from the bars. You have to thread the O-Rings while the baseplate is on the bars. This can get tricky, so just be patient. If you have the V bars, insert them into the finished baseplates one leg at a time as shown.

Step 29

While holding the O-rings with your fingers, gently slide the baseplates up as high as they will go on the bars. This should be done high enough to pressure fit the baseplate from falling down. Now you are ready to put them on your car!

Step 30

Insert the entire assembled unit into the original locations with the bars angled towards the front of the car.

Step 31

Now bolt your new bars in place using the bolts you removed earlier. Mount the bars as high as they can go in the available variance. Thread the bolts in with your fingers, then pull the bar up as high as it can go before tightening them down with your socket wrench to ensure proper fit of the cover plate.